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What is apple juice concentrate?

What is apple juice concentrate is about?

 The apple is a fruit symbol. Symbol of health, think of a way of saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", or how they are reconnected cheeks red apple of good health ... but it is also linked to sin ... think Adam and Eve, Snow White's poisoned apple ... technology ... think of the what is apple juice concentrate symbol ... but it is also a symbol of a society "ultramodern" as the American one where we find the "Big Apple"...
 What is apple juice concentrate inside us is connected to it!
 Through these symbols, and through the food, the apple comes daily in our diet as a result, is the first food that we give to the baby during weaning only as juice or zest.

 What is apple juice concentrate quality?

Is the fruit quality that most often we find on our plates because Italy is the largest producer of apples in Europe and the first places in the world? The apple farm production is concentrated to 60% in Trentino Alto Adige. Despite the large production, the use of apple juice and what is apple juice concentrate especially the not very widespread in our country. The use of apple juice concentrate has begun to spread through the shops of organic products initially, primarily for the availability of products from Germany, where this product is much used.

 What is apple juice concentrate product?

 The apple juice can be produced in house by centrifugation, pressing the whole fruit or cooking, the raw juice can be stored for up to an hour before they start to turn brown. Alternatively, the apple juice can be purchased ready to be clear, that is deprived of fiber and protein through a process of filtering, but also still turbid. The conservation is ensured by a mild heat treatment that inactivates the enzymes that carry to browning juice.
 Among the wide range of apple juice on the market, we also find a particular product:

What is apple juice concentrate?

 This particular juice is produced starting from the clear juice, which is then concentrated by evaporating the water through a prolonged boiling under normal conditions or by using the technology of vacuum, which allows concentrating the juice at low temperatures. This technology offers the advantage of keeping intact most of the features including the flavor of the juice that remains more fruity and less caramelized.
 The concentrated juice can be stored even at room temperature for a few months after the opening of the bottle.

 Nutritional table of what is apple juice concentrate per 100 g

Total sugar
41 g
vitamin  C
2,1 mg
glycemic load
21 ( 3 apple without peel )

All the benefits of what is apple juice concentrate

 The apple juice concentrate has a round taste and very aromatic, and this feature limits the scope of use in cooking as a substitute for white sugar terrible, but its nutritional value, low-calorie and low glycemic load, mainly due to the presence fructose as the sugar (you think that honey has an average glycemic load of 50!) makes advisable its use where possible, replacing or alternative to honey and malt.
 The high concentration of minerals makes it suitable for preparing, together with the lemon juice beverages moisturizing, easy to use as refreshing in the summer, such as moisturizers in case of vomiting or diarrhea, or during exercise. Very good even in those who suffer from hypotension.
 In the feeding of children (and adults too!) Can be used to sweeten yogurt, salads, juices, other fruits such as blueberries, mixed fruit teas and red sorrel, succeeding with its aroma to enhance the flavor of the other ingredients without overwhelming and without getting used to, especially children, to taste overly sweet.
 With the apple juice concentrate can also sweeten jams, to avoid the addition of sugar, resulting in a product still sweeter than that the only result would be able to give you work.

SUMMER recipe is refreshing

The icicles WITH what is apple juice concentrate AND LEMON

 This is a recipe that I used a lot when my children were old and collected a great success, and liked it a lot to me!
 I recommend you try it first time preparing one or two ice cubes to taste, then this recipe is tailored to the sweetness and the "lemonade" want!
 To make the ice cubes can use special molds or small containers, such as plastic tubs of yoghurt, and a teaspoon as a stick.

 Ingredients per serving
 Quarter of what is apple juice concentrate
 A quarter of a lemon juice
 Half of water

 Squeeze the lemons and strain the juice through a strainer if you want to remove remaining pulp, put it in a cup or other suitable container to the amount you have decided to prepare, add the water and what is apple juice concentrate, mix well, Fill the ramekins and arrange them in the freezer for a few hours until they are completely frozen, Good taste!.

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