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How to can apple juice, making Fresh apple juice at home, say no to exploit shops

To know how to can apple juice, all you need is apple juice

Cotton gauze square piece is clean and sterile
Third cup of water per cycle mixing
Sugar if you want it sweeter but this recipe use no sugar at all, it uses self-desalination of apples the same
Blender or food processor (perineum electrolysis)

 The method of how to can apple juice

Here is the use of several types of apples to taste distinct you can use what you have, like if you have green apple and red is no problem if the made of the juice of the three types.

 put Clean sterile gauze on the bowl is clean and deep enough to receive the juice Cut the apples and put it in a blender or the food processor and Put apples quantity appropriate to the size of the mixer I  mean fill it and after that add third cup of water each time it will turn on the blender after turn on the blender and the apple pieces must be disappeared and remained is like this a thick soup and there is no trace of the apple pieces, then poured the contents of the blender on the gauze and Return the whole thing several times until end of each quantity of apples, will be the convergence of apple juice began to get out of the gauze.

 now get a clean spoon and stir apple mixture well until the juice and then collect all of the parties of the gauze and on the apple mixture to be like a ball and then press firmly and you notice apple juice getting out with pressure then unzip gauze and stir apples milled inside the screen then re join and connect the gauze and then pressing the apples milled inside to make sure that all the juice out and then move the juice to a container of submission and on the refrigerator immediately and drink cool and of course the color will be built in the end apple juice in your hands like this.

Sterilize the gauze by placing them in boiling water, leave the water in minutes, and then lift.

How to can apple juice
How to can apple juice
Why you should know how to can apple juice?
If fruit juice was left without to be treated in one of the ways it is appropriate conservation damage due to various microorganisms such as yeast that cause fermenting and bacteria that convert alcohol formed by fermentation acids to different fungus that can grow in acidic environment.
Well as by various enzymes, this contained juice and which cause many changes in taste, color, and appearance of the year.
- And damage the cells of yeasts and bacteria by heating the juice to about 150 F. for two minutes and go down to this temperature from 130 to 135 in P types of juice with high acidity - while some types of bacteria need high temperatures of up to 190 F to eliminate them.
- The fungus spores they are more tolerant of heat, where the juice is heated to 175 F for 5-10 minutes.
- And requires the elimination of enzymes Bakhtin heating the juice to 180 F. For four minutes.
Moreover, can sum up the ways of how to can apple juice in the following: -
1 - conservation pasteurization.
2 - conservation freeze.
3 - conservation sterilization.
4 - conservation materials clipboard.

To save the apple juice for a longer period
Remember for 14 days by pasteurization
Raise the temperature of the juice on the fire to 75 ° C cell boiling on the fire and then keep it in the refrigerator in airtight containers after it cools first, and so be saved in the refrigerator for 14 days
How to can apple juice to one year?
Mobilization of the juice in bottles, taking into account the amount of leave 2 Fingertips vacuum to allow the juice lying down, taking in mind that the freezer have bottles drawer such as bottles inclusion refrigerator, don't put it italic in the freezer because it will explode in the freezer, this more than you need to know about how to can apple juice.

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